Sunday, May 13, 2012

Motherhood 101: The Bath Edition....

Some thoughts on mothering...

Baby #1

You give him a sweet little bath every night with scented baby soap and you check the temp over and over to make sure the water is just right for the little one.  You sing and coo to him as you wash the same little spots over and over just because you love how his little soft skin feels and as you lift him from the water you wrap him in a little hoodie towel that has been washed with sweet baby detergent (and of course the wash rag matches the towel).  You wrap him and dry him and sit in the rocker and just inhale that sweet clean baby scent and wonder how you could have ever been so blessed to have a child just like this one. 

Baby #4

Mark:  "Wendy, James is running around in the rain, is that okay?"

Me:  "Yeah, if he stays out there long enough it will count for his bath."

This may or may not have happened last night at my house....