Thursday, May 10, 2012

Around the Place and Gone With The Wind...

 It amazes me every year that we put things into the ground and they grow.  Abbie has been studying Apologia's Botany this year and I am learning so much.  How a simple seed can grow into a plant that can make more seeds is beyond my comprehension.  How does it "know" what to do?  Our God is Amazing to let us see this.

And every year I learn something new about gardening.  I think I might have learned this last year too, but I forgot.  A family of six does not need 30 cantaloupe seeds planted.  Four would have been  more than enough.  So, does anyone want any cantaloupe seedlings?

Our fig tree is huge.  I like it being big because the chicken coop is right beside it and it provides plenty of shad for the chickens.  Its getting a little out of hand though.

Little tiny figs!

Speaking of getting out of hand-this boy is growing just like the weeds in the garden. 

The bunnies said Hello this morning!

Not quite blueberries and blackberries.  Oh ya'll, how I love to pick berries.  Yep, its hot and sticky and the bugs love me, but it is so relaxing to fill our baskets up. Again, I am amazed.  To see these little bushes bear berries and grow and flourish, it is mind-boggling sometimes. 

At the end of the gardening year I think I will just scream if I see one more tomato.  And at the beginning of the season I can't wait for the first one to appear.  And of course there is a light-saber in the garden.  Because that makes perfect sense.

And a very blurry picture of my very favorite flower.  I wish I could send you the smell.  When I walk outside and catch the scent all I can think is "I love the South."  I start thinking about family and bbqs and my grandparent's front porch and sweet tea and all the things I love about my home. 

For some reason I also think about Gone With The Wind and Scarlett and Melanie.  I was never a big Scarlett fan though, although I like the book and movie.  I always wanted to be Melanie. I mean, who didn't want to be Melanie?  To be naturally sweet all the time?  Except I would not have wanted to be married to Ashley.  Good grief, man-up Ashley!  Give me a Rhett anytime, although a nice Rhett.  With morals and all that.  Oh my goodness, how did I end up here?

So, since I'm here.  Who did you like?  Scarlett or Melanie?  Or are you a little of both :)?


  1. Hi MaMa Hen! Looks like your garden is coming along nicely! All the berries look like where mine are now. My gardenia hasn't opened but it won't be long! I love to plant seeds and watch how the Creator makes everything to grow! It is truly amazing, as you said! I love figs and my fig tree is almost as big as yours! What do you do with all of those figs? I dehydrated a lot last year and made some preserves. About the bunnies, are they for cuteness or meat? Just wondering! Come visit my blog sometime. I'll be posting tomorrow, as I am about to can strawberry pie filling today. I also need to re-plant some squash and cucumbers that didn't come up. Blessings from Bama!

  2. You know I have always been a Scarlett....all about the DRAMA!

  3. as far as Scarlett or Melanie, Frankly my dear.......

    your better than both.

  4. I don't know who I am...I;ve only seen it once, and that was gulp-27 years ago....remember free movies at UM?
    Gardenia's are my favorite too, and my bushes are doing the best they've done in the 6 years we've lived here.
    I am sad to say that of all your garden pics, the blueberries and bunnies are the only things I would have been able to identify without the labels. I'm no farm girl!

  5. Your garden looks great, Mama Hen. I would take canteloupe plants, but don't have the room for them anywhere in our little garden. We have a few berry bushes we still need to plant, but the rest of ours is looking pretty good.

    And, who am I? It's been a lot of years since I've seen GWTW. In fact, I'm not sure there is a fictional character that resembles me. Honestly, I suppose I am one of a kind.

  6. Your garden looks good, girl!

    Ahhhh, GWTW! I'm still hoping that someone will find the lost manuscript of Margaret Mitchell's sequel one day....

    I would want to be Scarlett, of course - but Scarlett from the book - not the movie. In the book, you can see more that there is goodness in her. Oh, and NEVER Ashley - Rhett is the MAN!


  7. At the end of the gardening year I think I will just scream if I see one more tomato. And at the beginning of the season I can't wait for the first one to appear. And of course there is a light-saber in the garden. Because that makes perfect sense.

    I could've written that! :)

    I think I'm a Scarlett ready to graduate into Melaniedom....

    Rhett definitely:)

  8. Ya know, your GWTW question really made me think. Twenty years ago, I admired Scarlett so much. Now I do not but would rather be like Melanie. Thankful for new perspectives.