Friday, May 4, 2012

Various and Sundry Animal Going-Ons Around Here...

 Sadie, is now huge.  She sleeps a lot now.  If she can get in the house she heads for this spot and proceeds sleeping.  If she isn't sleeping she is spending her time finding ways to get out of the fence.  She is a very clever dog.  As we are used to having not-so-gifted animals  in the brain department it has been interesting.  It has become my boys almost full-time job to find how she is getting out and remedying the situation.

 Oreo is growing like a weed, but he is still so little.  He is starting to act like a kitty and likes to run around the house and climb up our legs.  He loves to be held and petted.  He still gets a bottle several times a day, but we are trying to introduce solid food and water.  Right now he is having none of it.  He also enjoys trying to escape from his box and we find ourselves having to watch where we step.
The kids found this THING on a tree outside.  Does anybody know what it is?  It looks like an octopus to me, but even we are not that weird, so I am assuming it is some type of spider. Any suggestions?

No pictures, but we still have two rabbits that we will GIVE to someone that can provide a good home.  I might slip you the ten I found yesterday if you will come and get them.

The baby chicks (which I guess now would be called pullets) have been moved into the coop with the other hens.  So good so far and no problems.

You will be happy to know the other cats, the turtle, and the fish are all doing fine and are not causing any unnecessary work around here.  Don't worry though, the kitten and the dog are making up for it.



  2. I'm still too far to take them off your hands :)

  3. Wow... that's a cool spider.

    Oreo is getting to be very cute. I miss kittens... sort of.


  4. I would take the bunnies in a heartbeat if my husband would let me and we were not about to head to China in the next month. :-)

  5. You're such a good momma. We've decided that we are not, in any way, animal people.

    So, when my kids get to THAT stage - the stage where they want a creature - we're sending them to live with you.

  6. We've seen one of those spiders before! Really weird looking, aren't they? Sounds like you're having fun with all your critters. :)

  7. That spider is SCARY!!!!!
    Please tell me they don't live in Trussville!!!!!!!!