Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Little Rain...

Doesn't Slow Him Down.

We are having a gentle rain this morning and James is enjoying it to the fullest.  His Granny made him a homemade raincoat.  (Don't worry Nana-there is a hole for his head-he just pulled it up for the picture.  And I am going to the door and checking on him every few minutes).

I haven't blogged much because I have been thinking.

When I get into this deep thinking mode I can go two ways:

1-Get really excited and pumped up and jump on every bandwagon I see and hear of OR
2-Get really down and feel like I will never be able to do all the things required of me.  Never mind nothing is required of me that God doesn't give me the strength to do everyday, I just start thinking that way.

So, in this period of deep-thinking mode I am trying to not go to either extreme. Anyone else ever get that way?

I've been thinking about such things as-

~School next year- curriculum choices and what will be best for each child, and not just best or easy for me?

~How are these days flying away from me and how can I love my family better each day?

~Ya'll, I have started running. Yes, at the encouragement of my sister.  It is hard and I can't say it is enjoyable one bit.  I have been hesitate to mention it because of my tendency to get all excited and then quit things.  I'm sure it is hilarious to see my huffing and puffing around our pasture in the morning.  That's okay though.  And Jill tells me it will get better.

~Abbie and I attended the Living the Legacy Conference Saturday.  So many thoughts... But the one that is playing over and over in my head is "Do I believe God?"  Really believe Him?  So thankful to know that I can pray that He will grant me the faith to believe Him more each day.  So thankful to know now I cannot "work it up".  He gives me the faith and the strength to live out the faith.

~And then little things like "should I paint my kitchen cabinets?"   And then I think, "Well, if I do that should I go ahead and paint the whole room?  And get new knobs?  and so and so on and so...."

How is your Wednesday shaping up?


  1. Thinking can be a very dangerous pass time!

    Are you already in the habit of walking and exercising? Running is good, but maybe you should work your way up to it. Remember, your heart is a muscle too!

    Just keep doing your best!


  2. That is why I refrain from thinking as much as possible.

    Wish I was out there playing with James!

  3. How wonderful you got to attend the Living the Legacy Conference! What a blessing.

    As for the running, I cannot even think about that in my present condition. But even when I'm not in my present condition, running scares me. I'm a great walker, though. More power to you! :)

  4. Bethany, I have been walking and doing Pilates since January when I had all the hospital stay. After I recovered from that I started doing that. I should say I walk/jog now. I walk some and then run some. Trying to work my way up to running more each day.

  5. Painting anything is like giving a mouse a cookie =)
    Let us know if/how it turns out.