Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Going-Ons....

~ Thanks for all the "controversy" comments.  Too fun!  I did some online research to find out the exact origins of the No White Shoes After Labor Day phenomenon  and found varied answers. 

Personally, I will continue to NOT wear white after Labor Day and will teach my daughter to do the same.  It's what my Momma taught me so it must be correct. :)

~It was a sad weekend at our house.  Sadie, our Wonder-Dog, was hit by a car.  It was going to cost an exhorbanant amount to fix her up and we had to surrender her to the vet.  He will do the necessary work on her and then try to find her a new home.  I have run the gauntlet of emotions about the whole thing this weekend.  And it was very hard on two of my children.  Which makes it very hard on a Momma.  Oh, if I could just take the pain for them.

~The garden is coming in wonderfully.  And we are getting lots of blackberries.  There is a small problem though.  I can't stop eating them before they make it into the house.

~We are through with school for five weeks!  So, I have five weeks to do all those things I say I am going to do in the house the other 47 weeks.  We'll see how that goes. 

~Abbie and I are almost through with Anne of Green Gables and then we are going to have a movie viewing party with Aunt Jill and Nana.  Abbie has big plans for this party and even has a Anne-Party notebook so it should be something.

~Our little orphan kitten is growing like crazy and is so much fun!  Abbie did a great job bottle-feeding her and now she eats soft cat food.  She was not happy about the bottle-weaning and having to lap water, but a little saucer of milk each morning helped things along. 

~Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Hi there Mamma Hen,

    First of all thanks for the sweet comment over at my blog, and second I wante to say i am so sorry about your dog!! We are dog lovers around here and it would absolutely break my heart if that happened to our pup. I pray the Lord will bandage up any of those wounded hearts, especially of the kiddos. Blessings!

  2. Hi Mamma Hen! Funny about the white after Labor Day! I don't like to wear white any time cause I always get something on it! So sorry about Sadie! That would be a hard thing to go through! I like the scripture heading your blog; it comes in handy at a time like this! I too, have the same problem with the blackberries and the raspberries! Five weeks just doesn't sound like enough time off to get everything done. You may have to increase that a little, lol! And Abbie's party sounds like a fun place to be! Let us know all the details! Blessings from Bama!

  3. The whole white after labor day is so not even a thing in southern california :(

    i'm so sorry about your Sadie! That's so traumatizing and sad. Praying for healed hearts for your little ones.

    Love me some anne of green of green gables!!!

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  5. Praying for peace for you all.

    I am sorry if my first comment seemed insensitive. I care about you all and I am sorry to hear about Sadie.


  6. Sorry about Sadie. Has Abby ever done the Progeny Press study guides? My kids liked them, but it was for required reading at our house. Abby sounds like she will gladly read, without assignments.

  7. The anticipation of this party is growing! Y'all need to read faster! :)

  8. Sadie will be coming to live with us probably next week. YAY!