Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Morning...

Yesterday was Errand and Grocery Day so today of course is recovery day from being gone all day yesterday.  And on top of that we have a very big house project to tend to.  And I'll just be honest ---

"I don't wanna do it!" (said in a little girl whiny voice)

But, I'll try to do the grown-up momma thing and have a good attitude and get it done.

Today we are deep-cleaning the boy's room and getting furniture moved because James is getting new bunkbeds tomorrow.  He is too big for his toddler bed now and we were gifted a set of bunk beds so tomorrow is the day.  We'll have two sets of bunkbeds in a very small room with three boys and all their stuff so it is going to take some creative thinking to make it work. 

I also want to make some banana bread with some questionable bananas to snack on and to freeze.  Oh, and that laundry thing keeps happening.  And bills need to be paid.  And, where is this day going?  Did it just fly by?

So, here I go.  Hmmm, maybe just one more cup of coffee....


  1. Oh, my, we are having the same kind of day. It seems I work on laundry nonstop and it just keeps multiplying. I promised my little boy we would take down his 'babyish' wallpaper this summer and redo his room. Days keep slipping by and I haven't started that project. Glad to know there are other mommas who put on a big girl smile and keep chugging on!

  2. We've got all four of our boys in a room with 2 sets of bunks. It can be done:)

  3. Banana bread... Yum! Can't wait to see the boy's room.