Friday, May 25, 2012

Yeah or Nay?....

Okay friends, I read a blogging rumor that there is a certain Mommy-Blogger who is making up to $20,000 A MONTH on her blog. 

How does she do it?


Yep, good old controversy.

Now, I am a lover and not a fighter.  I HATE controversy and confrontation, but in light of the fact that I have four children rapidly approaching college age I have decided to put all my reservations aside.

I am going to go ahead and skip the big three controversies that seem to abound in the Blogging World:

Homeschool vs Public School
Breast vs Bottle
Work at Home Moms vs Work Away from Home Moms

They have been done to death.  I need something to bring in the big comments.  Ummm, I mean clicks. Ummm, I mean, I hope you enjoy my blog so much you keep returning hour after hour to check on things.  That's it!!!!

So ladies, bring out your big guns.
Get your trigger fingers ready.
Show me what you're made of.
Let all that pent up energy that you have from not yelling at your children today come out in your typing fingers as you leave me comment after comment (and sending this link to lots of other blogs because-hello?  $20,000 a MONTH).

Here we go:  Don't be alarmed.  Just take a deep breath and jump in.

White shoes and accessories after Labor Day?  

Yeah or Nay?  What say ye?

Let's keep it clean ladies.


  1. NAY!!!!!!!!!

  2. Really now isn't that being judgmental? "Judge not."

    Shouldn't we just wear sandals? That is what Jesus did.

    Don't you know homeschooling, breastfeeding, stay at home moms choose houseshoes anyway?


    Looking to spice it up, cause a couple of comments will not net you $20,000 a month.

    Now how can I keep up with the controversy when I'll be gone all day? :(

    Berean Wife

  3. Berean Wife-crack me up! But here is the big question-should the sandals be white or not?

  4. It doesn't matter! Does anyone still keep up with that tradition? I will most definitely still wear white after labor day...when I'm not wearing my house shoes. HA HA HA HA!!!

  5. Rachael honey-lets get together and talk this out. I bet I can change your mind! :)!!!!!

  6. White sandals and white house shoes most definitely can be worn after Labor Day! Blessings from Bama!

  7. Bama Girl!!!! What????!!!!! We Bama girls must unite to carry on our southern roots and traditions!!!!

  8. Mama Hen,
    I am so out of the loop! How do you make money by someone clicking?

    As for the shoes? Nay for the Woods family. Though, my mom told me a few years back that these old-school rules have been repealed. By whom? That's what I want to know! Was it that fancy, schmancy etiquette lady? What does she know? She also says to send money ($20, I think was the recommendation) to every graduate who sends you and invitation. Hello - I got three invitations this year! Don't think so!

    Hope you make a few dollars off of your "controversial" questions! Can't wait to see what you come up with next. I come by here every day because you make me laugh!

  9. Mama Hen,
    Do your comments count too? 'Cuz I noticed that you are responding more than usual. Or, is that because it is summer break?

    Have a great three-day weekend!

  10. Bethany-I wish my comments counted. I wish any of this counted. There are some bloggers who get paid by clicks on their blogs or if someone clicks on ads on their blogs, but I am not one of them.

    I was really doing all this tongue-in-cheek, but if Blogger wants to work with me to make me the next Pioneer Woman (not the one I was referencing above) I wouldn't object ! :)

  11. Ha ha ha, what if I don't have any white shoes? I have cream colored ones, but I never wear them because they get dirty.

    Even bigger question, who still wears white shoes? That just seems like a great way to get stains!

  12. Y'all are hilarious!
    I say yes to white anything after Labor Day, because here it's easily still in the 90's or even 100's then, so it's ridiculous to put away the summer stuff.

  13. I'm with Nedra. There are some southern things that just cannot leave me. I must honor my mother with NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY! ;)(Course she would probably be a little disgusted with all the flipflops I wear to church. ;)

  14. I only have white mary-jane sketchers, that hurt my feet....
    I do wear nice leather flip-type sandals most of the year, with no what do I know.
    I have black mary janes, worn with knee socks and long skirts when it gets cold.....for me that means below 40 degrees.
    I have a white skirt I wear almost year round. I am rambling....does the length of comment get bonus points?

  15. I am fine with any white after labor day - except shoes. I just don't think I could do it. But, I wouldn't judge others - as long as their toenails are painted.

  16. I don't know Jill--I'm not sure even pretty painted toenails could cover white shoes after Labor Day.

    I wish we had grandmother to ask. Maybe we could ask Aunt Tine or Renee!

  17. Jill-And plus Momma said Nay so I think that should be the final word.

  18. I just want to know who's making $20,000 a month on her blog. ;)

    I only wear white shoes and sandals form memorial Day through Labor Day. I'm from the South, and couldn't break tradition.