Thursday, May 24, 2012

So, so true...

It's been that kind of month.  May is wearing me down.  Only two more days of school though.  And then a five week break.  Am  I allowed to sleep for those five weeks?

~I got some new fancy running shoes and am still trying to get out on a regular basis.  It has been very hit and miss, but when I don't do it I miss it so I think that is progress.

~I am in that want to overhaul the whole house and paint and move furniture and clean like crazy mindset. 

 Unfortunely my body is in the oh, just sit around and read and rest and recover from schooling three children for nine months and does anyone really want supper anyway, its so hot....let's just eat cereal bodyset. 

~Our garden is growing and the berries are turning.  Which means it is about to get very busy around here. Wait, its already busy around here. 


***Not sure why the post is in two different colors.  


  1. We are getting ready for our summer break which is good 'cause I'm burnt (to a crisp) out.

  2. Listen, my pajamas are on about 5 minutes after I walk in the door. Doesn't matter if it's only 5:30.

  3. Mama Hen,
    You deserve a break! Being a homeschool mama is hard!

    Great job for making it through another year without killing any children.