Monday, June 4, 2012

Hard Labor Weekend....

Mark coined this weekend "Hard Labor Weekend" and he was right on the money with that. We got so much done this weekend and I think we need a day to recover from our weekend.
Mark and Tyler putting up fence wire for the beans.  They were supposed to be bush beans, but they have put out runners so they had to put up posts and wire.

The pears are growing and there are a lot of them!
Mark and Abbie finished the quail pen Saturday. 

The bunnies were begging for some grass and leaves.  Sue, our female, had a heatstroke Tuesday, but she made it.  Happy to say we did not panic too much and all of Matt's reading about bunny care came was a great help.
While everyone was out working Sunday a big storm rolled over us.  It really was amazing to see the clouds rolling right over us. 

It was not lightening so the kids had fun running around enjoying the cooler temps
Matt has become very interested in horticulture so he has been busy at work on our flower bed. He wants it too look better than his Granny's (below) so he has a ways to go.  I love that he gets excited about new things.
More storm clouds pics.  In the back of the pasture you can see the hay man working furiously to get the hay fluffed before it started raining.  He got it fluffed, but they didn't get it baled before the storms came.  I'm not sure what they are going to do with it now.
Matt found some time to play some bball in between the work sessions.

The girls worked hard pecking around. 
Matt is also putting together an herb garden for us.  He's cleaning out weeds here.
James enjoyed the swing Mark fixed over the weekend.  Those legs just keep getting longer and longer.

Abbie is on a gymnastics kick and is constantly climbing something or hanging or dangling from something these days.

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  1. Hi MamaHen! Thanks for sharing your homestead work with us! Some of it looks like fun! I especially love the cloud photos! I know that you are so proud of the children helping you out! The garden looks great! The kids are growing so quickly! James is adorable! And I love how Matt is taking such an interest in horticulture! Abby sure could be an acrobat! Tyler looks about my son's age. My beans are doing that too! I wonder how long before I need to add some wire for them? Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

  2. Your garden looks great! Everything looks great! Way to go!


  3. Wow - good work!! We desperately need a hard labor weekend, but are too lazy to make it happen.

  4. I love a good hard labor weekend! Your homestead is looking amazing! Thanks for your sweet comment on my post. Things are great here in T-town and I'm glad for a slow summer! I'm inspired by your "big cooking days" and would love to read more about how you do it. I know you've got mounds of spare time for writing requested blog posts and all. ;)

  5. Matt still had energy to play bball?!
    Send that boy over here to work!!
    Your garden looks great, reminds me of when my grandparents had one.
    We had quail once upon a time...I know you are shocked, but it's true. It was when Kristen and Jake were about 6-7----of course I never touched one.