Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Harvest is beginning....

I guess you can tell what I will be busy with today. In addition to that we picked a lot of blueberries. So today will be a kitchen day-freezing green beans, freezing peppers, and making blueberry jam.

Mark and the boys (and Abbie too) have worked so hard on the garden and I am so proud of them.

The boys and Mark were gone last week to Scout camp so Abbie, James, and I took a little staycation here at the house.  They got home Saturday and as they arrived so did family from North Carolina.  We visited and talk and ate homemade ice cream and visited and talked some more, and boy, it was hard to get back to the real world yesterday.  Lots of laundry was done as the men folk bought home three duffel bags full of dirty clothes, and groceries had to be bought.  Then last night we picked all of the above.  I then walked four laps, showered, and then we snapped all those beans.  We all sat around and snapped as we watched Andy Griffith.  I thought my heart was going to swell and burst as I looked at my family all snapping and laughing at Barney and the little kitten playing among our feet.  There are some moments you hope you never forget and that is one of them for me.

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  1. That's a lot of beans! Isn't it great when the garden starts producing? :-)

  2. I can tell you live where it's warm! I only planted my garden at Memorial day! Lots of weeks til we get anything :)


  3. Remember a few months ago when I had planted my garden and you wrote a comment that you had not even tilled yet? Well, my garden is still not producing! I am jealous of your sunshine... but I am not envious of your larger-than-life mosquitoes!


  4. Love it! I have a few jars for you.

  5. Wow!! This is the only time of year that I wish I had a garden.