Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Around the House-The Male Edition....

Mark and my big boys were at Scout Summer Camp all last week. Abbie, James, and I had a little staycation at home in which we only did that which was absolutely necessary and watched lots of movies and I did not cook one meal. Yep. We ate a lot of cereal and pb&j. And Chinese buffet.

It looks like my boys had a good time.

He's so cute!

Matt doing the mud run thing called Adventure Valley.  Tyler declined this year.

Tyler at the shooting range.

Tyler look exceptionally handsome in this picture. Is this child really 14?  Because in my mind he is a climbing-fool three year old.

Matt was bet against that he could not stay in this tree for ten minutes holding on like this.  Of course he had to take the bet.  Which is why he will never drive a car or be out of our sight until he is 30.  He made it though and won an Oatmeal Cream pie.  It would have to be Key Lime for me before I would even attempt it.

I think at this point he must have been tired of his dad taking so many pictures of him.

Matt finding time to relax.  He remained poison ivy free and no broken bones happened on this trip.  He did get bit by a scorpion on his finger though.  Which would have been enough for his mom to call the whole thing off.  Mark wisely did not tell me until they were home or I would have been in the car to bring them home.

The other little male in my house look mighty cute.
This has nothing to do with the males in my house, except that they ate fresh green beans with their supper last night.  I was able to freeze 15 quarts yesterday.  We will pick again tonight and do it all over again tomorrow.  

On today's agenda is paying some bills and I hope to have some swing time with James doing a whole lot of reading. He is finally excited about the Summer Reading Program and getting lots of tickets to get prizes. His mom is excited about the free books he can earn. :)


  1. Those are some great pics! All of your children are still babies in my mind!

  2. Some great photos! Glad they all had fun at Scout camp. I'm hoping my son comes home safe and sound sans scorpion bites this weekend.

    It looks like you've been very productive in the garden again lately, too. :)

  3. Good pics! Those are some happy, healthy boys you got there. And, nice work on the green beans!


  4. The mud picture--so gross--only boys. Did they go to the Ft Payne camp? My uncle used to run it, when I was a kid....I got to go to girl scout camp and boy scout camp!
    How do you freeze green beans? Just bag them and freeze, or do you have to do something more? We try to buy lots of corn when Publix has a special, and freeze it, but I've never done beans.