Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Heard Around Here Lately....

"I think I can work with that."--said by Abbie upon examining my new haircut Friday afternoon.  I am so glad I have her approval.

"I don't care Mom, just pick some, okay?"  --  apparently big boys do not like to stand in the underwear aisle at Walmart and discuss their options with their moms.  Well, now I know.

"Maybe you need to go lay down and take a little nap Mom." -said by one of the children earlier today as our roof started to leak in the second place in two days.  I was on the verge of  crying, but then we started laughing and dancing and telling silly jokes to each other.  The lightening was so bad I had the kids unplug everything and I turned off the air.  I told them to open the door to let some fresh air in.  I reminded them of when Ma Ingalls said, "There is no great loss without some gain." referring to the cool fresh air coming in the door.  This is when it was suggested I might need to go lay down.

"I am making this one up Mom." -said by James, age five.  We are trying to work with him on telling the truth at all times and what the difference is between a story and the truth.  I think he is understanding the difference between a lie and the truth, but he thinks if he prefaces the lie with, "I am making this up" it is still okay to tell the outrageous whopper about his siblings.  Deep sigh.  I used to be able to handle all this with five year olds.  Now I just say, "Just talk to Daddy about it when he gets home."  Which leads me to this one.

"Maybe you need to take some of it off!"-said by James when I told Tyler I could not think about the answer to his riddle because I just had too much on my mind.

So glad that God is mindful of me and all the things going on with our house right now.  If He is mindful of it why is it heavy on my mind?  Sometimes there is a lot of truth that comes from a five year old.


  1. Oh how I need to "take some of it off" too. I hope your roof is repairable--but if you need a new one, we recommend the guy that did ours a few months ago.

  2. We all need that reminder. I hope everything is ok with the roof.

  3. Oh my, what a fun post. I'm sure the customers at Panera wonder about the lady with the silly grin on her face. I need to take some things off my mind, too.

  4. Love all the great sayings! (The underwear one might be my favorite, lol!)

    James is right. Out of the mouth of babes. . . . .

  5. And can I just say THANK YOU that I don't have to type some hard to read letters and numbers to leave a comment on your blog! just sayin'. . . . .:)

  6. Those are fabulous. I love it!