Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Fishing....

Mark and some other brave fathers took the Boy Scout troop down to the beach a couple of weeks ago. They brought home lots of fish and lots of memories.
Just  because he's a cutie-pie.

So glad I was not responsible for all these boys on the boat. 

Momma and Jill-this pic reminds me of Casey, doesn't it?

Snapper anyone?

The fish was almost as big as he was.

While there they also visited an Air Force base and saw all kinds of secret stuff they couldn't take pictures of.  I guess this plane isn't top secret anymore.

On the last day they snorkled at Shell Island and Mark loved it.  My stomach ulcers would have been a mess having to make sure all these boys didn't drown.  Mark is so good with them.


  1. Hi MammaHen! Looks like they all had a good time! Shell Island is just across the lagoon from where we stayed at the campground! The water is so beautiful there! I bet they got to swim with the dolphins! Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

  2. You husband is one brave man... that's all I gotta say...

    Thanks for the magazines and the ball canning pages. Things have been crazy here. I was on bedrest for my back when I got your letter. I can walk again now. But, Paul is now sick. Between you and me it could be serious. I am taking him for a second opinion today. And, I am going to demand to see a specialist. Please pray for us! We need peace (and healing!).

    You mentioned the items that you had if I wanted them. Go ahead and follow through with your other idea. I do not need any of those items at this time. Thanks though!

    Have a great day, friend,

  3. Bethany-thanks for the info!

    Let me know when you can about Paul.