Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Morning-Birthday Edition...

Apparently my brain cannot put together a real post with paragraphs and lead-in sentences and periods and commas and such so I'll just have to bullet point it again.  Its just too hot to have to think right now. 

1. Sweet Hubby Mark's birthday is today!  We are about to wake him and partake of Blueberry Cobbler for breakfast.  He would rather have that than cake.  I would love to have some vanilla ice cream, but I didn't think that far ahead.  Then we would have our fruit, bread, and dairy covered for breakfast!

2.  Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes.  My life right now.  Our chickens, after three years, have figured out how to get out of the coop.  Guess what they love?-red ripe tomatoes.  So I am trying to beat them each morning and evening to the ripe ones. 

3.  My Facebook page got hacked or unsecured or something or the other last week and I can't get on it.  If weird things start popping up on my page please ignore them.  You know, more weird than what I normally post. 

4.  Something I never thought I would be saying as a mom-

"Do not put any more ice cubes down your pants!"

James apparently thought this would be a good way to cool off yesterday.

5.  I did not walk at all last week.  I could give you a list of excuses, and some are valid, and some aren't so, oh well.  Today is a new day to start again.  Its pretty wet in the pasture-I walk the outside of the pasture so I might have to do the Pilates tape on some days.  Like today most likely. My slave-driver-aka, Coach Jill-is at the beach this week.  I really think she should have swung by here and picked me up and took me with her.  Then we could have walked on the beach each day.  Think of all the exercise I could have gotten in Jill!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK!  I am so glad you are home!


  1. I can totally believe you'd be saying that about ice cubes. Kids do weird things.......

  2. Ha! I expect to hear lots of reports of your walking this week. If it gets too hot, borrow some of James' ice.