Saturday, July 7, 2012

This & That Saturday....

~It's raining at my house!  We soooo needed the rain.  By Monday the garden should be ready to pick again. A busy week ahead for me then, but so thankful for the rain.  Our whole state needed it so bad.

~I got to go thrift store shopping with my mom yesterday afternoon.  We found lots of vintage children's books and schoolbooks and I started to get a little flutter in my heart about starting school again.  Other than that I've been, "Nahhhhh."  Momma, I think we should go again!

~Abbie got her savings account statement in the mail yesterday and asked me to explain what interest was.  I wish I had a picture of her eyes lighting up when she realized she could make money by doing absolutely nothing at all.  A lightbulb moment for the girl!

~I heard from Mark last night and Matt caught a big snapper and he and Tyler caught lots of smaller fish.  They had a big grill-out and had fresh fish for supper.

~I am cleaning out my camping closet today and trying to rearrange things to fit all the stuff that used to go into the now freezer closet.  Wouldn't it nice if space would compound as interest does?

Hope you are having a lovely rainy day too!


  1. MamaHen,
    You said y-day that you freeze diced tomatoes. I have never heard of people freezing them. Can you tell me the how-to process and tell me how they look and "work" when they come out? Is it just as though they came from a can? Or, do they get limp and nasty like when I thaw out frozen apples. (Though, if you're putting apples in a pie -who cares? right?)

    A little help for your busy friend,
    Bethany... who really does not want to can all the tomatoes that I hope to harvest.

    PS - Did I tell you that hundreds of green tomatoes have gone missing for months and I thought it was deer? Nope, it was my no-so-wonder-dog-Daisy. GREEN tomatoes!!! We put up an ugly fence and hope to see a red tomato soon... I hope!

  2. Thanks for sharing all your freezer knowledge! I appreciate it. The video-gaming is going quite well. I think Holdyn's in heaven! Have a great weekend!

  3. Jealous of your rain! I hope it was a really good, long one!