Thursday, July 5, 2012

Two-Toddler Tired....

Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is MamaHen and I used to blog on a regular basis. Now I just think about blogging and then it all goes right out of my head. It is 6:16 AM and I just sent my hubby and big boys off on another Scout trip.They are on the road and I am sitting here drinking coffee and thinking about all I need to get up and do.

Sunday morning at church a teacher said something about when his wife was young and they had two toddlers and she was two-toddler tired.  I laughed and agreed that yes, there is nothing like the tired you feel when you have two toddlers in the house, and then I thought,

"Wait-wait until you have a teen, two pre-teens, and a five year old in the house.  Add various and sundry animals, a garden, berries, fruit trees, Scouts, Heritage Girls, and then try to homeschool all four kiddos.  Oh, and you have a hubby in there who you really like to sit in the swing with and talk with every once  in awhile. Oh, don't forget your deep freeze died and you get to buy a new deep freeze and pay $302 to the Roto-Rooter man who had to come one hour before you had supper company Sunday night and try to figure that one out in your checkbook.  And visit some good friends so you can learn about high school transcripts and try not to cry and oh, 

well,  you get the picture.

Now that is tired.

 Believe or not, I am not really complaining.  That is just what it is right now in our life.  Although I did think I was going to have a little come-apart about 6 last night when I was out watering the garden and noticed that the corn is ready to be picked.  And Mark and my big boys were leaving in less than 12 hours for FOUR DAYS.  And "I don't know nothing about picking and shelling corn!"  Mark has always handled that part and I did the cooking and freezing part.

Even though Mark was crazy busy himself with yardwork and getting stuff ready for the trip he picked and shucked the corn for me and now I will handle the freezing part today.  Along with a bunch of other garden stuff.  Which is what I wanted and am extremely grateful for.  I just wonder why it all seems to happen at once in the garden.

Yesterday morning we visited a real working goat farm (which was awesome) and then stopped by my granddaddy's house to eat some watermelon with him and my aunt.  Then we headed home to packing and yard work.  And I tried to sneak off to get a little nap, but Mark found me and expressed his need for duct tape so off I went to the store for that.  After that I went out to water the garden and found the corn, and well, you remember.

But, last night we all stopped for a little and went down the road to a local church who was having a fireworks display for the community.  I'm glad we went even though all my tired bones were crying out not too.  I tried to do a little patriotic-government lesson on how blessed we are to be able to do this, but I think everyone slept through my mini-lecture.  Except for Abbie, who has untold energy at all times.  She was pumped up and excited to be there, just for the social aspect alone. 

See how tired we are.  We are trying to put on a happy face, but James couldn't even muster up a smile.

This girl just keeps smiling and going and smiling and going.

I brought blankets to sit on to watch the show, but my boys got in a little mini-nap/rest-time before it started.  They have really been working hard around here lately.

Love this boy.  Love watching fireworks.

Again, with the energy.  Please transfer some to me.
Abbie, James, and I were going to have a couple of days of rest, but the deep-freeze chaos changed all that.  We had to do some re-arranging in the house and for the past couple of days it has looked like we just moved in.  So, I need to remedy all that today or tomorrow.  Also, on the freezing list today is corn, peppers, tomatoes, and green beans, and the first grapes are ready to be made into jelly.

Yikes.Gotta go.


  1. Love the Annoying Orange T-shirt...I've got me some preteens, too:)

  2. Bless your heart! Yep, Mamahen, you need a little break. But, when you get back from the break, the house would be 10 times worse. So, like me, you'll just keep chugging along and hope for a nap!

  3. Funny you would post this, because I was just sitting with my coffee cup this morning and feeling stunned -- where do I start???? Bills to pay, a gym membership to set up so the children (ahhh teens) will have something to do, boxes yet to unpack, a beagle who even after three years does not fully understand housetraining, 13yo has somewhere to be and clothes that suddenly have to washed for said event, cannot see to the surface of any counter, table or chair, and the air conditioner isn't working properly. Seems at some point in my life, way back when, I used to actually make a to-do list and then cross some things off. But, like you, I am not complaining!

    Happy Belated Independence Day!

  4. Mama Hen, I can relate somewhat. Those busy mom days. Cherish them. Get a nap when you can. Relax when you can. Learn to let go of a little here and there. Take care of your health.

    Oh, and I can relate to the "used to be a blogger" part, too.

    Glad you enjoyed the fireworks. I thought about going to see them, but sent my husband and two bigs to American Village instead. I stayed home with the 3 littles and watched Princess Bride with them. :)

  5. So tired, I understand, so very tired.

  6. I'm with Suzanne, at least that's how it seams to go at my house. DH does a great job holding down the fort, but it's still not the same.
    Does James take naps? Mine do, and when they can read well enough, they can read instead----I would go insane without this time!!
    Even if I am still doing work, I get a bit of a mental break=)