Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Freezer Cooking...

Most of my Friday Freezer Cooking was done yesterday as the garden waits for no one.  Don't worry though, I still have green beans to freeze today and more tomatoes will be ready to pick this morning. 

Yesterday I froze 62 ears of corn on the cob, 4 quarts of diced tomatoes, and a bag of green bell peppers.  I was going to make jelly and then realized I had no pectin in the house.  As I had already had to run down to the Piggly Wiggly to buy more freezer bags I really did not want to go out in the heat again to buy pectin.  So, I just made my juice and put it in the freezer until I have my pectin. 

This is our first year to have Concord grapes and while there weren't a lot of grapes this year they made lots of juice.  When its time to make the jelly I'll just defrost the juice and we'll be ready to go.

After all that I had some sit and stare time in the swing before it was time to pick beans again. 

I'm loving the new deep freeze and it is starting to fill up.   My old chest freezer was in the detached garage and this one is an upright in the water heater closet off the kitchen.  Most convenient.

Oh, and I forgot to mention I found a dead chicken in the henhouse when I went to get the eggs yesterday morning and Abbie and I had to deal with that.  Most unpleasant.  I'm guessing the heat got her.  I'm not sure why things wait to die until Mark and my big boys go out of town.

Oh! oh! we got to visit a real working dairy goat farm Wednesday morning.  It was very enlightening to see real people in real barns doing the work and not just seeing pictures in a book.  They have a doe we are interested in and we hope to have her by the end of summer.  We'll see.  We have been hoping and planning for a long time so it won't hurt us to save a little longer.  We'll have lots of milk, that's for sure.

After I get my beans and tomatoes done this morning my sweet in-laws are taking us out to lunch and then my mom is getting Abbie to spend the night with her.  So it will just be James and I tonight.  Hmmm, will it be a Dinosaur Train, Billy the Exterminator, or Dirty Jobs night?  Those are usually his top three choices if he gets to pick a show.  I might be able to talk him into an Andy Griffith as he really likes Barney and when he gets himself locked in the jail AGAIN the child laughs so hard he almost falls off the couch. 

Everyone should have a five year old in the house at all times, I'm just saying.

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  1. Rats... I have left two comments and the computer somehow ate them both...

    Anyway, I think you are an amazing woman and you are very productive.

    Good work.