Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Link-A-Loos....

~Laura at Heavenly Homemakers has a great reading and writing list on her blog today.  I'll admit, that as much as I love to write this has not gone over well with my kiddos.  Its a skill they need to learn though and I think this list will help me think through what exactly they should be writing about at certain ages.  I love the second grade one where they make up silly sentences and then illustrate them.  My big boys would have loved this when they were younger.

~I came across this blog this week and really enjoyed looking at some of her posts.

~Rachel was one of my very first blogging friends and she always has me laughing.  This post is a good one!

~Go see little Jonathon's new glasses! Oh my stinkin goodness-he's so sweet!

~Don't forget you can enter some curriculum giveaways on my blog below and lots more at Jolanthe's Curriuculum Cleanout Giveaways.

This weekend I plan on getting my girl home, making jelly, and trying to stay cool. This recipe should help me in that regards.  Ya'll, don't hate me for introducing it to you. I am not responsible for any pounds gained from the consumption.  Its worth the calories though, believe me.

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