Thursday, August 2, 2012

Heard Around Here Lately....

James, age five--

"I have seen indications that the stink bug population is becoming extinct around here."

Me thinks someone may be watching a little too much Jeff Corwin lately.

In other news-

~The insurance man is coming today to look at our roof.  I don't know why this makes me nervous and makes me want to clean house, but it does.

~I have a boatload of tomatoes to deal with today.

~My Abbie-girl is having a great time at summer camp this week, but I am missing her. And James is really missing her.

~Yesterday and Monday I was away from home all day keeping a friend's 17 month old little boy while she is at summer camp with Abbie.  I came home exhausted from sitting and watching James and Levi play together all day.  I guess I had forgotten the energy of a toddler and when you add a five year old to the mix - whew!  We'll be home today though, which is good since, you know, all the tomatoes.

~I am thinking of school starting. Just thinking about it right now. I still think I am in denial about the whole 9th grade thing.

So, what's  your plans for the day?

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  1. You'll find this hard to believe but I just went to work. :)