Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Get Ready...

James came to me a little while ago and asked me,

"Mom, do you know how you can be a good mom?"

I asked, "How?"

You know, beside the facts that I feed him multiple times a day, clothe him, provide a loving home, teach him, kiss boo-boos, and I am the primary cleaner-upper of the vomit around here.

He answered that I could attend Survior Camp with him tomorrow.  Supposedly we leave at 5:00 am for South America. I am advised to bring a map and to practice my wild hog calls today. 

And I just thought it would be a normal Thursday at home doing laundry.


  1. OBVIOUSLY....... Silly girl.

  2. That sounds FABULOUS!! I think y'all are going to have an amazing adventure. And the blog posts from it - will be awesome!

  3. let's hear that wild hog call.

  4. Let me know when your plane gets back. I'll meet you at the airport. Wild hog meat, wonder how that taste.