Friday, August 17, 2012

What-Not and Friday Link-A-Loos....

~I have been mixed up all this week about what day it actually is. Does that ever happen to you?  It is very odd-feeling.

~James and I did not go on our South American adventure to catch wild hogs.  He forgot and I didn't mention it.  He did spend much of the day "in jail".  His own choice by the way.  He set up a little jail with a chair and talked to us through the "bars."  I drew the line at sliding his lunch through the bars, so he did come to the table to eat. He held one hand up to the chair and ate with the other hand.  He had to be handcuffed you know so he wouldn't try to escape. This little scenario occupied him for a very long time and he was generally quiet as he was in solitary and no one wanted to join him.  I thought about the fact that this was a very strange thing for him to be playing, but you know, the quiet and all....

~Our little fall garden is growing.  Seven rows of peas are coming up like gangbusters.  The pears are ready to make pearsauce, but my mind is not ready to tackle it. I guess this weekend will be the time though.  I will be so glad I did it when I am done though.  Ya'll keep telling me that.

~Laughing at yourself is always good. (Thanks Fear Not LittleFlock)

~Yesterday the kids and I got into a discussion  about what game show we would go on if we could take our pick. At first I said Wheel of Fortune or The Price is Right.  But then I remembered Supermarket Sweep and told them all about it. Matt didn't believe it was a real show so I had to prove it to him. Momma, do you remember watching this together when Tyler was a baby? I still sooooo want to be on this show.  Too bad it doesn't exist anymore.  Only in my dreams......

So what game show would you choose to be on?


  1. I get my days mixed up and my kids mixed up! Enjoy your blog!

  2. supermarket sweep. I think we could have racked up on this one.

  3. I once loved Jeopardy. But now I think between the decades of Mountain Dew and multiple pregnancies, I am sorely lacking in brain cells for any such competition. ;)

  4. LOL about James and wondering why he chose to play "jail" but secretly enjoying the quiet. I wonder whether he was feeling guilty about anything . . . ;)