Monday, October 29, 2012

A Little Meltdown....

Last week I dealt with some sickness all week and on top of that we had school, a field trip, an allergist's visit, which was really a consult which said to come back in two weeks and spend $50 more dollars, a spend the night, a Fall Festival that has turned into Fall Festival Week and a myriad of other this and thats which left me Saturday morning in meltdown cry mode when I could not find the shirt that Abbie needed for her dress up and beg for candy at Tanneyhill time.  By the way, I had to pay $9 to get in and we didn't even get out of the car it was so crowded.  That did not help my feelings on top of the meltdown.  Mark says I really just need to let it go... Oh, and church and another fall festival and again, I wonder why I do this to myself and then I go to bed and here it is Monday morning and I am bound and determined to stay home this week and get some things done.

School is our priority.  Has to be done, no excuses.  And it will be.  And this week it is going to be done well, by cracky.

Then laundry and ironing.  Monday is ironing day. No excuses.  Believe me, it will be better for everyone if the ironing gets done all on one day.

Then, the Great Clothes Switchout and making a list of who needs what.  Cause they keep growing.  And growing.  And throwing the temper-tantrum in Abbie's room Saturday morning revealed that I got to get busy in that closet.

And I suppose I will cook some meals here and there.  And pay some bills as payday is this week.  Oh, and groceries.  And I have this grand scheme in my head to do some garden research to see how we can better implement year-round gardening.  And I want to make these cute little pumpkin letter cards for James and oh my goodness, it is almost November and I remember making the cutest little feather headdresses and Pilgrim hats for the big kids when they were James' age...

Or I could just go back to Pinterest and look at all the people who have already done all this things.


Thank you Aunt Sister Jill for the poodle skirt.  She was adorable.

A mighty Ninga was he.

Friends before we left for the non-happening Fall Festival at Tanneyhill.  We did go for frozen yogurt to try to make it up to them and then Kelli and I left the kids with Mark and went out for an early Mexican supper.  It was hard work deciding not to do the festival and deal with the fall-out, you know?????  Thank you Mark!
But then I see pictures like this and I am able to get up after a good night's sleep and after Mark reassures me for the 5, 925 time that I am not the worst mother in the world, and I get back at it again.  Because those little smiles-they do my heart good.


  1. Last week and this week are crazy busy for us and I am beyond determined to make it through with as few personal meltdowns as possible. I only managed to have about three last week. I'm hopeful that this week will be better. Mostly because it ends with me at the beach without my kids which means sleep and quiet and a chance to miss them more than I do when they nap. Have a good week!

  2. What a whirlwind weekend you must have had! I vote you obey Pappa Rooster and take a nap.
    I am still praying for you nearly every day.


  3. The inside of your head sounds just like the inside of my head right now. WHY aren't we all issued an assistant when we have children, and another when we decide to homeschool???