Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh yum....

Well, it has turned cooler here in the good ole South.  And that means its Chili and Sante Fe Soup time!  Unfortunately, my tummy has been giving me fits lately so I went looking for a soup that might be a little milder.  And ya'll, I found a winner.

If you like just plain old yummy goodness you need to go try this Chicken and Wild Rice Soup.

I made it the first time last week with the intentions of eating it for supper and then freezing enough for another meal.  The recipe says it freezes well so I was all over it. 

We didn't have enough left over to freeze.

I made another batch yesterday for our lunch, but this time I did not even add the chicken.  And it was just as good.  Its just pure creamy goodness.  One of my children was eating it for a snack yesterday. 

Note:  I made mine on the stove although the recipe says it can be done in the crockpot.  I was a little concerned about adding half and half to the crockpot and it curdling. 

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  1. I've added half and half before and had no problems, so it should be doable......