Friday, November 23, 2012

Freezer Friday and Whatnots....

I am still so stuffed from yesterday that I don't want to write about or even think about food.  Thank you Jennifer for the fun day yesterday!

But, I have been pressing ahead with my plan to double, or even triple some meals, so that I can take a portion of our grocery budget in December and use it for Christmas presents.  So far I have been pleased with the ways things are coming together.  I am keeping a running list on the fridge and so far I have 19 meals that are ready to eat in December.  This has been without spending more on groceries in November.  The difference has been planning.  And cutting down on the amount of meat in my recipes.  For example, I made two recipes of a recipe called Elegant Chicken.  Each recipe called for six chicken breasts.  That sounds good because there are six people in my family.  Well, I used just four breasts in each recipe and shredded them up. Now I had four extra chicken breasts to use for something else.  I  know all you smarter than me people have been doing this all along , and I knew to do it myself, but I just didn't.  Depending on the recipe that could be one more, or maybe two more meals.

We also have been eating pinto beans, rice, and cornbread on Wednesday night.  I got this idea from Rebekah.  At first the kids were like, "What?".  But now  its just what we are having and I find myself looking forward to it.  I make a whole lot of beans at once and then freeze them and the meal couldn't be easier.

I found another advantage to having meals already prepared, or ready to be cooked or thrown into the crockpot-I am taking a meal to someone from church today and then again this Sunday.  I didn't have to think twice about it-even though I don't usually-taking meals to others is one of my favorite things.  But, I just went through my list and came up with two meals right then.

So, here is what I have done the past few days to stock up.

3 Beef Tips (for the crockpot)-we are having one for supper tonight and one will go to another family
2 Beef Stews (crockpot)
2 ground beef with seasonings (for casseroles)
2 batches of meatballs-we ate one batch for supper one night
2 elegant chickens-we ate one for supper one night
2 sweet potato casseroles-took them to our Thanksgiving meals with family

Next week I hope to make up some more ground beef with onions, and pinto, red, and black beans. These can be used for soups and chilis.  I also have a ham that I hope I can get at least three meals out of.  We'll see.  My two big boys eat enough for six boys, but it is amazing how much they are growing daily.  It really does seem like it is right before my eyes.


  1. Awesome! You are so productive!!!

  2. i hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!! i need some of your productivity in my kitchen!!! love the beans and rice idea for a meal each week :)

  3. Good job Wendy. I used to buy Sam's chicken breast (actually Tyson). Big people got one, little people split one, and 1 added for DH lunch the next day.
    Now I just buy 1 Aldi bag of breast per meal. If it's a crock pot meal it will all fall apart anyway, so no shredding.
    The Sam's breast are actually too big...making each meal cost more.