Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Paint and Me Huddled In The Corner Crying "Mercy!"....

This is a whiny and venting post so if you have a few minutes to spare with absolutely nothing else to do this is the place for you.

In a 24 hour period I am picking out new flooring and new paint for our family room/kitchen room combo.  I was told at Lowe's yesterday that would be called a great room. Hmmmm????  Since both the kitchen and family area are a total of about 210 square feet I am not sure that the greatness would correspond to size.  But I think it is a great room because its where my family lives.  90 % of our lives are spent in these two rooms so it will forevermore be called the Great Room. :)

Anyways,  I picked out the new floor and hopefully they will come measure today or tomorrow because than I will know more about when they will actually put the floor down.  And in about an hour period I made the decision to paint before I get the new floor and realized that picking out paint is 379% harder than picking out floors.  Heaven forbid that I ever have to pick out wallpaper.

Rebekah and Mark said I just need to get over it and pick out some colors and stop trying to make it perfect and all that,blah, blah, blah, but ya'll-it makes my chest hurt when I look at all the colors.  They are all so pretty!  And there are so many of them!  And what if I paint the whole great room and then I hate it?  And I have to look at it and regret it and when people come over I feel the need to explain how I "almost" choose the right color, but I made a quick decision and I'm sorry they are having to sit in my great room and look at this awful color.

Oh ya'll.  And right before Christmas.  Because that is perfectly logical, right?  Its my fault because I have hemmed and hawed for six months about what kind of floor I want.  Yesterday my mother-in-law took me to Lowes and basically said in a very nice sweet, but assertive way, "Wendy Clark-pick out some floor-now!"

So, my question to you is-do you just know what you want or does the thought of picking out paint colors make you sick to your stomach?  And if, you are one of those people who just knows how to decorate and how to pick out colors, will you come do it for me?


  1. Wendy, I make decisions on decorating about as well as I can stomach meat on the bone. Which is not well at all.

    Hence why I have lived in this house 8 years and don't have curtains. :)

    Nor have I painted.

    So after you do this, you can come counsel ME!


  2. i love picking out paint colors :) and flooring :) go with a neutral, and something that will wipe clean easily. lowes is my happy place!

  3. Oh Wendy, you will do a beautiful job! Michael picks out all our colors over here. I am a decorator's nightmare. :)

  4. You can do it, Wendy! Grab something that's staying in that room that you love (dish, picture,etc.) and pull a color out of it. Your friend, Corla's good at it too.

  5. Always remember, if you don't like it, you can always paint it again. Paint is not that expensive. And if you don't feel like painting it again, then, well, it must not be all that bad. ;)

  6. I love my friends. Thank you so much! And yes-Corla is the woman for that sort of thing! I think I have the colors picked out. I laid the colors out on the table and every time I went by I was always drawn to the same color. So I guessed that must be it. And as Rebekah says, I can always repaint-or just learn to live with it :)

  7. At the library, and I don't have much time. But, I wanted to let you know that I am praying for you daily.