Thursday, November 29, 2012


Okay, the paint colors have been chosen. 

The End.

Oh ya'll.  Mark said last night he didn't know paint chips could cause me so much distress, or something like that anyway.  I was Nyquiled-up because I decided yesterday to deep clean the little hallway which holds all our school stuff and I stirred up a whole bunch of dust.  To get it all out of the way I got the kids to vacuum and dust the whole house.  So, needless to say, my dust allergies where in full force last night.

I had two hours to kill last night while Tyler was in Discipleship Group.  I went into Lowe's to check out their paint chips and somehow decided I needed to paint the dining room, the living room, and the kid's bathroom.  But common sense prevailed and all those will be put off until after Christmas.  Or until next December until right before Christmas.  Apparently I work well with a deadline.A deadline of lots of people coming to my house to spend Christmas Day.

The ceiling man came yesterday to give us an estimate for the repairs needed, and the floor man is coming today to measure.  And Saturday is painting day. 

I'm going to do like Rebekah says and either really like or learn to like it enough so that I won't have to paint again for a long time. :)

Other than that, I have been on a cleaning spree, not sure why, unless it it is to distract myself from the non-control I have over these home repairs getting done.

 The kid's had dentist's appointments which resulted in me actually saying this to my six year old, "If you don't lay down and stop kicking the dentist and get your teeth cleaned I am going to take you out to the van and you are going to be lots worse out there than you are in here."

I would like to say it worked, and it did for approximately 2 minutes.  Then they started that round toothbrush abuzzing and he started up again. 

We might be the first family to get asked NOT to come back.

School is moving along and somehow we are finishing up our first semester.  James still is not reading, although he is blending some.  School greatly interferes with his playing and exploring time.  He hates those phonics cards with a passion and I have resorted to a M&M or dried fruit treat for each one he gets right.  It is amazing how well he remembers when sweets are involved.

Tyler had some problems with his algebra the other day and I had to work them out myself so that I could show him how to do it.  I couldn't believe it, but I got all of them right.  Mrs. Burnett, my Algebra teacher who would threaten us that the devil was going to get us if we got a problem wrong on the board, would be so proud.  Yes, she would threaten us that the devil was after us all the time.  My mother didn't believe me until she had to go with me to take a test for me because I had broken my arm.  Mrs.  Burnett actually made that threat with my mother in the room.  My mom immediately went and talked to the principal and was told they could not do anything about her.  

It was a funny high school experience.  At my graduation we had a parent get up on stage and declare that our principal was a  murderer.  It took three men to drag her off the stage and then we went on with our graduation like nothing happened. 

Okay, enough walking down memory lane.  Its a wonder I learned anything at all...


  1. Make sure that everyone knows that I was not the mom who declared the principal a murderer.

  2. I just wanted to encourage you that your boy not reading yet isn't anything to panic over. I didn't learn to read until I was 8. In fact, I was put into a remedial reading class at school. People who know me know always think this is very strange because I now read voraciously (at a rate of approx 200pg/hour).

    Don't give up altogether of course, but thought maybe knowing that late reading doesn't necessarily mean there's a problem might be helpful.