Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Linky-Loos...

Okay-all my grand plans for cleaning and organizing and giveaways-down the drain.

That is the short story-there are many long stories that led up to the short story, but basically it all ended after several converstations with Mark about some anxieties I was having and then reading this.

I had to be reminded of what I love to tell others-do what has to be done and all the other will fall into place.  Or not get done at all.  Food, clothes, school.  Those are my things.  Everyone has to eat.  Mark has to have clean ironed clothes to wear to work each day.  The children have to be schooled.

Now, there are 10,000 other things that need to be done.  But not necessarily today.  And Mark reminded me of something else that I tend to lose sight of-the children are part of the family-they are not guests of honor here.  They can get up and work just like he and I do every day.  And that work is good for them.  And good for their future employers and families.  And for their family today.

So-go read this. 

And take a deep breath.  And just do the next thing.

I'll still have the little giveaway next week sometime.  And probably by then be back on track and moving along with my house plans.  Or maybe not.  :)


  1. I like it! I find that full tummies and clean undies get me more enthusiasm around here than dusted shelves.

    We are on the last day of Christmas break today, so besides laundry and food, I'm taking it easy:) Have a great weekend!

  2. I love this post! I'm so glad you shared it and the Like Mother Like Daughter blog too. :) I get overwhelmed with trying to get everything done, and it's because I think everything has to be done every day. I'm going to try out your plan!

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  4. Hope you've had a good weekend! The link was great! Thanks!