Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Little Beauty...& A Giveaway...

Oh ya'll.

 Do you ever feel like all the different pieces of your life are a deck of cards and then someone plays 52 Card Pickup with your cards and they are scattered all over the room?  But just when you get the motivation to start picking them up one by one a strong wind comes by and scatters them outside?  And then they get run over by the lawnmower and are in tiny teeny pieces?  And then it starts to rain on them?

Well, maybe you haven't felt that way.  Maybe I am indeed a little dramatic about the whole thing, as some close to me might say. But to say that things in my life the past three months have been a little crazy would truly be an understatement.  For some people the things that have happened probably wouldn't faze them.  But for me~whew!  Stress is not nice to my body or my mind.

Last year I had a couple of goals for my homemaking card.  I wanted to learn more about and implement freezer cooking into my menu planning, I wanted to become more consistent with my laundry and ironing.  And I wanted to learn how to embroider.

I wanted something to do at night that would start to add some beauty to my home.  In just a little way.  I am NOT a decorator by any means.  But, I started noticing embroidery everywhere I went and it was beautiful to me so I wanted to learn.  I took the plunge and just started on some simple hand towels for the kitchen.

I think beauty in the home is so important.  I want my home to be homey and comfy and a place where my family can retreat to.  Right now it doesn't feel that way.  So I am slowly trying to find ways to work towards that.  And plus, the handwork at night is relaxing and comforting to me.

I now have enough kitchen towels for a legion so I want to share one with you. I am having a little giveaway to encourage you in your homemaking today.

This giveaway includes a kitchen hand towel by moi. I am still learning so it is not perfect, but the picture is cute. :)  Also included are a pair of pink polka dotted kitchen gloves from Pampered Chef.  Its hard not to smile when you put these on.  After  you have done the dishes in your pretty gloves you can use this lotion from Nurtured by Nature. It is in the Mint Creme scent and it yummy.  It's made from goat's milk, honey, and shea lotion.  I love Kelly's products and I hope you will like it too.  And then I have a cookbook from my daughter's American Heritage Girl troop. It is real recipes that you would actually cook for your family. 

To enter just tell me hi!  Or say Enter me!  Or something of that sort :)

Giveaway ends Monday, January 14.

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  1. I would love to be in the drawing! Just remember that I can't get to the computer very often, so if I win it might be a few days before I respond.

    And, MamaHen, I think you are doing awesome! Painting, decorating, freezer cooking! Wow! I know you are overwhelmed at times, but you keep a sense of humor about it... that's good.

    I love your blog and I miss visiting daily!

    Have a great day, Friend!,

  2. Wendy I am so proud of your embroidery and I would be HONORED to have an original masterpiece! I think embroidery is beautiful and have lately been feeling the need to take up something like that...Carlie embroidered hankies for all her siblings and one for me and I treasure it!
    I love your 52 card pick up analogy--it is a perfect way to describe life sometimes!
    Love you!

  3. I love handmade goodies! I wish I could be more crafty... Maybe someday!

  4. Oh my gosh! Please enter me!

    Your post made me smile, my dad used to always try to get me to play 52 pickup!

  5. Just found your site today!
    Please enter me in the giveaway!

    Thank you!

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  7. What beautiful work you do. I've always wanted to try needle point. I can see that towel over dough rising in my kitchen.

    email is:

  8. heather says: what a cute giveaway thank you for the chance to win it
    hg temp addy at hot mail dot com

  9. May God lead you with wisdom and bless you with peace in 2013.