Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Linky-Loos...


Ya'll.  What a week.

If I don't see the sun soon it's going to be bad.  Bad I tell you.

This week I have gone between "IT MUST ALL BE DONE NOW!" to "let's just cuddle on the couch or bed and watch mindless tv and if we happen to fall asleep deep down in our warm covers then so be it.  our bodies need the rest or they wouldn't be fighting us so" to "EVERYONE GET UP AND GET THIS HOUSE CLEANED UP NOW!" to "oh, i love my little family and my little house and why do I ever get upset about things, we have it so good here and who cares about a little snow mess, it only happens once a year?"

You can imagine how delightful I am to be around right now.

You know how as a mom, wife, and sole person responsible for the education of the children (well, except for the hubby who works hard all day so you can be the sole person), and you know something needs to give, but you can't think of one thing that can be given up?  I guess I could give up looking at these ridiculous time-wasting websites I am about to show you, but on the days when I feel like I have it together I actually have hope that I might get some of these decorating ideas done and looking at the sites gives me hope and ideas.

So, either to add to your burden or add to your carefree - whatever - goes - day----whichever one you are having today :)

Favorite Paint Colors-a whole site devoted to paint colors.  Who would have thought it would be so interesting?  But it is!

Printables for a Gardening Notebook-people are so clever!

I want to print this out for my organizer cover.  I love it so and I love Elisabeth Elliot and if it comes out of her mouth it is good stuff.  But first I have to get to the store and buy some printer ink and some paper.  Which you know, I have been meaning to do for quite awhile now.   And I think about anytime I am not in a store that sells ink.  I guess I should use my organizer to organize myself to get it on the list to buy some.

Or maybe we just all need a long nap.  Under soft blankets and little six year old stinky breath breathing all over me.  I love six year old stinky breath.  I really do.  James has been so bad this week.  And then he breathes his little breath all over me and I want to scoop him up and hug him and kiss him and see if there is any remaining baby-ness about him.  I would do that to my big kids too, but James is the only one who will allow such cuddles now.  Although Abbie did curl up with me the other day and it was so sweet and rare and Mark even took a picture. 

Okay, enough anyone else experiencing cabin fever, seasonal disorder, the absolute crazies from having to deal with the mud/sludge/muck all around you?  Anyone?  Anyone?

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  1. Ugh! Today I have had those feelings exactly! I asked my hubby, "How can I be content but want better?!" Ugh. I keep threatening that half the house is going to Goodwill. Right now we are partaking of the snuggles. I'll clean later.