Thursday, January 10, 2013

Games Children Play-A Guest Post...

Today's post is written by all the "It Wasn't Mes" that live in my house.

Welcome!  Today we want to share with you some games children play.  An alternate title might be "How To Make Your Mother Not Know Whether She Is Coming Or Going."  It is a really fun thing to play and do and I hope that you will learn all the finer details necessary in making the mommy feel like she is loosing it a little bit more everyday.  It's fun!  It's educational!  It makes our daddy laugh and laugh.

Here are some variations on the game:

1.  As soon as she pours creamer into her coffee cup and turns her back to grab the coffee carafe move her coffee cup.  If you have time to get it completely hidden all the better.  If you can manage to do this BEFORE her first cup of the day you will have hit the jackpot.  Constantly practice your innocent face as to not draw attention to yourself.

2.  After the mom and dad are sound asleep change your sleeping location. It can be anywhere.  Anywhere but where you are supposed to be in them middle of the night when she gets up to make sure you are covered up and aren't too cold.  Because that little moment of panic she feels when she realizes her sweet darling is not where they are supposed to IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT is priceless.  Priceless, I say.

3. In the same vein as #2 - watching her face makes it so worthwhile.  Be sure to say "Here!" when she does a headcount in the car to make sure all of the offspring are accounted for and buckled in.  Wait until she is way down the road and then duck down.  When she glances in the rear view mirror to look at your adorable face she will have this fleeting moment of panic and anxiety as she tries to remember if she actually counted Child #3 in the headcount.  If you can get the other children to look panicked also it will help the scenario tremendously.

4.  Change the ring tone on her cell phone quite frequently.  She loves this.

5. When she is changing the TV with the XBox controller use the other controller to immediately undo whatever she just did.  You have to be very secretive to get this one done, but if you can pull it off you get bonus points in the mischievous  category.  Those couple of seconds as the rapid thoughts of "Did she pay the Netflix bill?" or did she pay the phone bill and why is the internet not working and maybe she just dreamed she paid the bills and now what are we going to do-payday isn't for four more days and what about all the food in the freezer and what if it gets really cold and we have no heat and DHR comes and takes the children away??????!!!!!"

You can't make these kind of moments up. 

So, to summarize-find those things that you know makes her a little nervous anyway.  And play on those things.

Because nothing if funnier than a mom who can't find her coffee cup and then Child #1 asks for help with algebra and Child #2 comes in with a big cut down the middle of his leg and blood is pouring, and Child #3 upset because Cody on Suite Life didn't do what she thought he should do and Child #4 is absolutely starving and has fallen out in the floor in despair.  And if Daddy is at home when #5 happens he will get to laugh and laugh and laugh.

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  1. I love your children. This is fabulous.

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