Friday, February 22, 2013

Freezer Friday....

The past few weeks have sped by like lightening.  So strange.  You have those periods when the days go on and on and on and you are looking at the clock begging for it to move, and then you have times when you feel dizzy from all the running and spinning you are doing.

All that to say, I haven't been able to  a lot of stocking up in the freezer department.  I have been taking out and taking out and things are pretty bare. It makes the freezer easier to clean and wipe down though!  I was able to do a little food prep this week although it was not too exciting.

Above you will see my three handmaidens hard at work. I have another, but she needed a day off.  I thought about naming them as I have named my other hardworking appliances, but I can't keep up with it all.  If I get my own children's names right the first time I am doing well.  My boys have learned to respond to all of their sibling's names. :)

I was able to put up four bags of pinto beans and two bags of kidney beans.  This was after I pulled out enough beans to make a HUGE batch of chili for our lunch yesterday.  I already had some leftover black beans in the fridge so I added them also.  There was enough to save for the boys to have for lunch tomorrow.  Abbie and I will be at a FOUR HOUR choir practice-for CHILDREN'S Choir!  This is her last children's choir musical though and if I can make it through without the ugly cry it will be a major feat.

I also cooked ground beef and put four bags in the freezer.  Last night we had pork chops and I was able to save some for pork fried rice next week.  Today is crockpot roast day and the leftovers will be used in a soup for Sunday lunch.  I am trying to really think about how I can use my leftovers and not waste.  I had a big fail this morning though.  We had lots of mashed potatoes left last night and I didn't think until this morning I could have used them for potato pancakes for our breakfast.  Maybe next time though.

I wanted to write down my freezer stocking days bc I want to be able to look back and see the difference it has made.  I tend to get fired up about something and quicky fizzle.  But this has really made a difference in they way I cook and made a dent in my grocery budget.  It can for you too.  One baby step at a time.  Believe me, if I had tried to do all these things in a month's time I would have burned out very quickly.  Here are some good sites to help you get started-even just one thing a week will start to make a difference.

Money Saving Mom
Heavenly Homemakers
The Prudent Homemaker

We are off to the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory today with some friends.  We've never been and I think it will be interesting.  And delicious!


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  2. So what did you do with the mashed potatoes? They freeze great--we make 10lb at a time, and freeze 1/2. Other mashed potatoe left overs go in my freezer "stew" bag of leftovers.
    I checked out the Prudent Homemaker--linking from your blog--a few weeks ago, and have learned alot! It is confusing though, that she has a blog and a website.

  3. Janet-I just threw them out! So dumb! I just wasn't thinking.

    Prudent Homemaker orginally had the website and then she started her blog. All her recipes and gardening stuff are on the website. On Fridays she has frugal accomplishments and I have learned so much from her and her reader's comments.

  4. I really need to start making and freezing extra meals! I know it would save me so much time and effort in the evenings--especially when we have a busy day, but I just haven't started doing it yet. Thanks for making me think of it! :)