Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Goats A-Growing....

We are about six months into our great goat adventure and it has been wayyyyy easier than I imagined.  A lot of that is owed to the fact I have a 13 year old son who pretty much takes care of them 24/7, but on the few occasions I have had to care for them (if the men are on Scout trips or such) it has been easy.  They are pretty low maintenance, but they are constant.  They have to be taken care of everyday, which is why I am glad I have big kids :)

They definitely have their own personalities and ways they interact with us and with each other.  They "talk" to us when they want something (usually just attention) and sometimes they can really get worked up if they don't get their way RIGHT THEN.  Hmmm, sounds like child I know....

This is Buddy.  He likes to get his picture made.  Or he is very interested in the camera.  He is our young male who is starting to get a little aggressive with Moose  our wethered male.  Moose has plenty of size on him yet so he can handle it.

Beatrice, our little dainty girl.  She is just sweet and likes company.  She does NOT like to be left alone.  Ever.

Buddy again.  He wishes he could get hold of the camera and give it a good chewing.

Moose and Buddy.  Moose is the granddaddy of the small herd and tries to keep everyone in line.  He is having a little trouble with teenage Buddy.  Moose also seems to enjoy finding ways to step on his human's feet at every possible chance.  And Moose ain't light, if you know what I mean.  

 We are on the lookout for another female to be friends with Beatrice.  Sometimes a girl just needs another girl to talk with, you know?


  1. Sweet goats! Did I just say that??

  2. They're so cute! It looks warm there. It's a blistering 25 degrees here this morning.

  3. Ma, it was warm yesterday, but Saturday and Sunday were bitterly cold. Today it is rainy and wet and cool. We just never know what to expect.