Sunday, March 10, 2013

Walking Wendy Weekend Wrap-Up-Week 1

Two things-ya'll can't have any idea how much time I spent trying to come up with the W theme above.  The word wrap-up didn't come to me until early this morning.  Whew!

Secondly-I soooo hesitate to write Week 1 because that means there will need to be a week 2, 3, and so on and so on.....

BUT-my commitment is for March.  So I am trying to focus on that and not beyond.  Cause my knees are screaming for mercy.

I did walk every day this week, but my knees hurt like the dickens and I am glad Sunday is a day of rest. So are my knees.  I named them Frick and Frack because of the trouble they are giving me.

I know it will get better though-hopefully sooner rather than later.

Abbie and I walked inside because hello-I still can't get warm.  We walked for 30 minutes each day, but Friday.  Twenty minutes in I got a phone call and I never went back.  Lesson learned-wait to answer the phone.

I did not feel good all week, and I am proud of myself for doing it anyway.  On Wednesday we did Leslie Sansone's Walking and Kickboxing video (which was 33 minutes long so I am totally counting that towards Friday when I only went 20 :) ) and it did both of us in.  Ya'll, lets hope I never have to kickbox in self-defense.

This week was also the start of giving up the soft drinks for good-AGAIN-ritual and so far so good.  I really felt bad though.  Wednesday & Thursday were terrible-I was grouchy, had a backache and headache, my knees hurt, and I fell asleep anytime I sat down on the couch. But Friday I started having a little more energy. 

I also drank lots and lots of water which was easier than I thought it would be.  If you aren't drinking anything else, but coffee, then you drink it up.  I wrote down a water goal each day and it gave me something to focus on -crossing those cups off the list.

So, all in all-I did my walking.  I did not like it.  It hurt. 
I drank lots of water-I did not like it, but I got to cross it off of a list so that helped.
I was grouchy and out of sorts, but I know that will get better.  Everyone hopes so anyway.

Still thinking of a prize for all of you if I can walk everyday, but Sunday for the month of March. 

Its real March Madness people!!!!


  1. Good for you, Wendy.

    I am starting to do some low impact stuff here myself 3-4 times a week. I'm starting very slowly because I want to work it into my life in a way that it will stick.

    I stopped drinking sodas years ago, too, but not really for my health. I'm a huge fan of iced green tea and find that I really like it best unsweetened, so yay! Now I just need to add more water drinking.

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  6. Great work, Mama Hen! You can do it. And, if you mess up (like I always do)...well, you just try again...and again...and again. ;)