Monday, April 15, 2013

Beyond My Control....

 Our tomatoes and peppers are growing!  Look closely and you can see a little gnat on the stem.  Matt got the picture one day as he was peering and looking at them in amazement.  I have just been overwhelmed looking at these little plants each day.  I had very little hope they would grow.  I guess I was trying to prepare myself for another failure.  But then - joy- they popped up!  I think I could write for days on what these little plants have taught me this past week.  My thoughts are still all over the place about it though.  Most of all I think it has shown me again, a lesson I have to learn over and over, I am not in control.

This past week has been filled with things that were totally out of my control.  SATs for Abbie-which I personally think are useless and should not be mandatory-but they are for us right now.  So off I went and did the right thing.  All the while hating the time (with car time and actual test-taking time-about 18 hours) and money that was being put into something I did not think was good.  Beyond my control.

I had to get our taxes in-very late for us.  Again-beyond my control.  We had to wait on some paperwork that I could do nothing about but wait.  But they are done-and it was all beyond my control.

Oh me, I could go on and on, -Heritage Girl Paperwork (no kidding, I bet I spent 6 hours on it alone this past week), money worries, six year old boys who won't read, a house that needs attention, bills need to be paid, groceries need to be bought, oh my stinkin goodness-my ironing pile is huge.  Our living room has turned into a unwilling family closet because I am trying to switch out our winter/summer clothes while still making sure everyone actually had something clean to wear each day.  The painting still is not done and at this point I have learned to live with it, but it looks horrible and something needs to be done.

Just the normal whines and complaints of a mom I guess.  But He cares.  I don't understand it, but God cares.  And all I can do is keep on loving Him, loving my family, and doing what I am called to do each day.  And those things I think I have control over-I really don't.  He does though. 

And just for cuteness-James has taken up whittling.  He is using a plastic knife from an old pumpkin carving kit and he has spent so much time making little things-toy guns, shiny sticks, you name it.  Love this boy.


  1. Life is what we make it I am starting to realize. We can't control all the things, just how we react to them.

    And finding joy in the little things always makes me more in tune with the Spirit.

    I hope to have some tomato plants soon myself:)

  2. Hi MamaHen! Such a thoughtful post! Glad to see your plants made it! It will be such pleasure when you harvest your first pepper and tomato that you grew from seed! Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

  3. I hear ya, I am a control freak....but sometimes we just have to let go. Our plants are hit and miss right now, we need to plant some more, to replace the dead ones. I totally agree about SAT's---thank the Lord we do not have to do them. Painting--here too. Our kitchen blind has been down all winter, even when opened, you don't realy notice the unpainted window. When I pulled the blinds up, to let in all the beautiful sunlight, I thought "ug--I never painted this window last year!" It will get done eventually=)

  4. Your doing a great job! Your kids are fed, and loved, and fed, and washed, and fed... well, you get the idea! You are a great mom who knows that God is in control!
    I love the pic in the other post of James' messy room. I don't know how you kept calm. I might have blown up.


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