Monday, May 20, 2013

Actual Event That Is Taking Place At My House Right Now....

A little earlier I was loading up the dishwasher and noticed that I could only find one spoon-clean or dirty.  I yelled at the children to do a spoon hunt in their room as well as any other dishes they could find and bring them to the kitchen.

James looks up innocently from his breakfast and casually says, "I know where they are."

"Where?", I innocently replied.

"In the backyard.  I buried them out there."

After a round of questioning in which I received no answers that made any sense, I sent him out in the yard to dig up my spoons and bring the inside. 

I continued to load up the dishwasher.  I got everything in except the missing spoons and still no sight of James or said spoons.  I go to the back door and he is wondering aimlessly around the yard. 

Upon my questioning on why he was not digging up spoons he replied,

"I can't remember where I buried them."

So I have the children combing the yard for buried spoons. 

You just never know what the day will hold around here. 

I will update as the Saga of the Spoons unravels.


  1. WalMart sells cheap spoons. ;0)

    Blessings to your day, Dear.


  2. Hilarious! We would have no dishes if mine ever left the kitchen. Did you ask him WHY he burried spoons?

  3. That's awesome! Good luck. I hope he remembers where they are. :)