Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Tangled Web That Led To One Lone Spoon....

To say that the child has an imagination would be an understatement.  This child can scare his own self so bad at night by thinking of the bad dreams he might have he begins to cry and runs to me to me for consolation.  He wakes up almost every morning with a new character in his head and his whole morning, or until he thinks of something else, will be devoted to living out that character or scenario.

So you can imagine the tension I encounter almost daily between trying to explain to your six year old what is a lie and what is a fun story you made up for entertainment purposes.  And how the older you get it is very important to be sure to differentiate between your entertainment stories and your flat out lies.  We need a code word for the entertainment side-Maybe, "Mom, I'm making this up, but it sure is funny and cute."

So, one spoon was found in the yard.  Along with a bowl so as Ma from Little House would say, "There is no great loss without some small gain." 

 I lost about 15 spoons, but found a bowl.

Apparently when I declared that all my spoons were missing this prompted James' little mind to go into overdrive and things go all "confused in his head" (his exact words) about things his Aunt Mollie had told him, his actual taking of the spoons outside (I believe now it was the one lone spoon that was found), and something he buried a long time ago in memory of our former dog Sadie, who now lives with the said Aunt Mollie. 

And I am up to four spoons in the house.  We found two in the boy's room and Tyler found the one outside.  We are moving on up in the world now.  Only two more and we will all be able to eat our cereal at the same time. :)

So now I can add crime scene investigator, lawyer, judge, and lie detector to my mom resume.  And spoon purchaser.

 Walmart loves families like mine.


  1. Bad dreams he might have....:)

    My little guy does that too.

  2. Bless his precious heart! Those spoons will turn up one day and you'll laugh and laugh! What an angel.

  3. Bless his precious heart! Those spoons will turn up one day and you'll laugh and laugh! What an angel.

  4. Hasn't this happened before? Or am I thinking of lost forks or bowls? James will be a great novelist!


    1. Bethany, I think it was bowls last time. We are finding spoons everywhere now that we are looking for them. I even found one by the hot water heater today. Who knows?