Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Funny-The Courthouse and Downtown Denial Day Edition....

Today I have to go to the courthouse, to get Tyler's learner's permit no less, and then I have to go downtown tonight (at night, to a new place) and lets just say,

"I don't want to." 

One way streets are of the devil and having to take my child to get a permit to drive a vehicle is not sitting well with me.  Because I don't want to teach anyone to drive-- I can barely teach fractions.  And we have hit the wall on algebra and are actively looking for a tutor. 

A driving tutor?!!!!!!! 

Is there such a thing?

Anyhoos,  I found this pin and laughed until I cried.  I bet you will too.  And maybe it will give me something to think about as I am standing at the courthouse for hours with my 15 and 6 year old.  And I predict that 6 year old will have to go to the bathroom approximately 7 times while we are standing in line.  His bladder suddenly becomes full whenever we

a) get in a long line
b) sit down in church
c) get in the car to go anywhere
d) I sit down to read a book and although I don't have to help him in the bathroom anymore he still feels the need to tell me he has to go and why.  Its only when I have a book in my hand though. 

So, go watch this and maybe you will get some new laugh lines-I know I did.


  1. have you checked out khan academy online? they have videos that teach saving grace when chloe doesn't understand her math :) have fun at the courthouse, silas has to use the restroom anytime he sees one out in public so i've learned where they are in all the stores and we just don't walk past them now :)

  2. You know you love those interruptions from your precious angel.

  3. Permit?? Goodness. That shouldn't happen for a while. Right?

    And the video - I couldn't do it! I'm not a train-wreck girl, so I didn't make it to the end. Clearly, I have an illness.

  4. We took our kids to Pell City for permits-longest wait about an hour. Went to Glencoe for licenses. It's a closed course, where I got my license 30 years ago! They did, however, take Kristen out on the road also....but small town, nothing like trying to take the test downtown.