Monday, May 6, 2013

Waking Up On A Dreary Weekend Morning...

To this.

 Isn't that lovely?  Our pecan tree fell .  Went through all the thankfuls-thankful it did not fall while a child was in it or under it, thankful it did not fall the other way and hit our house, thankful it only did minor damage to the workshop, and then went, "ARGGGGG!!!!!"  As my sister Jill says, "Its always something."

And this boy had his first official driving lesson with his father Saturday.  We toughed it out at the courthouse for 3 1/2 hours and left with a permit to drive. 

Mark said he did very well. He's been driving in the pasture for awhile now, but this was his first time out on the road. 


  1. Oh goodness! Sorry to hear about the tree! Great work with the driving lessons!

  2. It is ALWAYS something! But check out that good-lookin' boy DRIVING!!!

  3. That is just sad about that beautiful tree. Look at that smile on Tyler's face.