Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Link-A-Loos...

Earlier this week Rachel, one of most favorite bloggers, made a reference to royalty and it got me thinking.  You see, I had lots of thinking time this week, as I spent many hours pulling weeds in the garden.  It got me thinking about how I had great plans when I was in grade school to marry Prince Charles or Prince Edward (for some reason I just skipped over poor Andrew and didn't even give him a chance).  I knew nothing about marriage, but I was all over the dresses, hats, and tiaras.  I guess I figured a tiara would cover a multitude of ugly husbands, even if he was next in line to be the king. 

Anyways, in a total waste of time I came across these blogs. 

What Kate Wore
A Tiara A Day
The Royal Order of Satorial Splendour
The Royal Courturier

And then there is my Pinterest page devoted to Bringing Back the Hat.  Because I have always loved hats and think the world would be a better place if ladies wore hats all the time.


  1. I was going to marry Edward too!

  2. You were a Princess Di groupie!

  3. LOL! I've never been one who enjoys wearing hats, and I've always wondered why the British royalty always wear them! Those on your Pinterest page were beautiful, though! I enjoyed your other posts about gardening and your new puppy. He is adorable! And your berry pictures reminded me of last summer when Mary Grace (9 years old at that time) and I picked tons of wild blackberries across the road, and I ended up with red bugs! Not fun! So I'll share my tip in case you don't know it. (But you might know it since you didn't mention red bugs in your post.) When you pick berries, wear socks with your tennis shoes (or whatever other shoes you wear), and spray insect repellent on your socks. The red bugs crawl up over your shoes and sock and up your legs, so bug spray on your socks will kill the bugs without getting those bug spray toxins on your skin. :) I hope the rest of your summer is great!