Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Time Nothings That Are Everything....

Now that all my chicks are home and all the summer camps are over, I feel like I can relax.  It was just go go, and then go some more.

Or it was "the person who does this job is not home, and therefore I must do their job and mine, and Oh My Stinkin Goodness, it is hot, and why are we doing this garden and having all these animals anyway?"

Not that I would ever think that way of course. :)

The past four mornings have been spent in the garden battling morning glories and grass.  And sticker bush weeds.  Last night we also worked and finally got it all done.  All rows are clean and pretty and I tried to take a picture and the battery died.  We even got the tomato stakes up.  This weekend when Mark is home we can put up the wire for the beans and then we can just watch it grow.  And hopefully the kids can start their hoe one row a day routine and that will help keep things up. 

Yeti is growing.  And ya'll, he is the sweetest dog.  He is learning his name and the word, "No," and is generally nice to have around.  He seems to be a happy calm dog.  He is starting to notice the goats and thinks it is great fun to stand at the gate and bark at them.  Open the gate though and he gets a little less fierce.  He is very afraid of the cats and I know I shouldn't laugh at him, but it is so cute.  If a cat crosses his path he will NOT keep walking.  We have to pick him up and carry him.

The gardenia bush is in full bloom and the smell is divine.

Matt has the new goat gate up and it is working terrifically.

The berries are starting to ripen and today will be blueberry and blackberry jam day.

I am enjoying these days with no school, well except for Tyler, who has to finish his curriculum for the year.  I'll be ordering soon for next year and hope to be able to start some work back the 2cd or 3rd week of July.

I love these days of doing everyday things.  They are all adding up to the Big Everythings that really matter.


  1. You have so much to do! I am trying to keep up with my little garden.

  2. The little things are everything.

  3. I got a good chuckle that you call yourself Mama Hen - I blogged for years as "MrsMamaHen" :)