Friday, June 14, 2013


~We are in the home stretch of the men being gone.  I really like my men.  I know I can handle whatever needs to be handled, and I have done it this week, but I'm not stupid.  Having help is a good thing.

~Annabelle, the sick goat, is on the mend!  Or at least that is how it seems.  She was walking correctly and hollering for her breakfast this morning.  I have it narrowed down to grass tetany or goat polio.  You can just call me Dr. Clark now, thank you very much.

~Its only June and the heat is unbearable.  I had just had to get that in. 

~My mom just called and she is going to come and eat lunch with us today.  And then she is taking Abbie and James home with her for the night.  Tonight I am going to paint my toenails and sleep.  I may not even paint my toenails.  And then tomorrow at lunch-I should see a gray truck pull up with three stinky men in it and I am going to hug them until they are sick of me.  And then I am going to send them to take a shower.  And then I will hug them some more. 

~I drew the names of the curriculum giveaway winners and will be sending them an email today.

See ya later alligator!

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