Thursday, June 13, 2013

Can I...????

Please turn in my resignation for being the responsible adult around here?  At least for a few hours? 

*I am missing my husband and my boys.

*We have a very sick goat-I don't know what is wrong, but it seems like it is something neurological now.  Way beyond my abilities to handle, and there are no large animal vets around here.  And I don't have the money for a vet anyway.  It looks like she might have had a stroke now. 

*It is unbelivably hot and humid here.  Like, make you sick hot.  My Matt at camp got dehydrated and got sick one night and I can not be there with him.  And again I say, "Why summer camp????"  Why not a spring camp or a fall camp??????

*The septic tank man came yesterday and we need a new tank, a new pump, and new field lines.  Which need to go right under where we have just put grape vines and under the goat barn and fence.  And it aint' cheap neither.

*I have gotten nothing done this week except feed the two children that are here at the house and take care of the animals.  With this heat you really have to watch them.

*My brother came and helped me yesterday to fix the goat fence because they kept getting out.  And eating our berry bushes and vines. He got one spot repaired and then "TaDa!"  like magic they were out again yesterday afternoon.  I seriously just wanted to cry. I found the new spot where they were getting out and repaired that-I hope.  Time will tell.  You know, goats look dumb, but they are sneaky. 

*I am crying for no real reason.  Yesterday we went and picked up a friend  to spend the night with Abbie and I saw someone helping an older lady across the parking lot and I started crying in the car.  I am super-emotional and I think it is because I am not sleeping well this week with Mark being gone and some of it might be the fact that James slept with his knees in my back all last night. He's a sleep-snuggler and hello, I am not.  Everytime I would move away from him he would scoot closer.  But he feels it is his duty to sleep with me when Mark is gone.  I think I might have carried the whole, "You're the man of the house this week" a little too far.  I really just wanted him to go feed the cats and I was trying to make him feel needed. Oh, the tangled web....

So, to sum it up--very stressful week, very sleep-deprived MamaHen, and I want all my family together again.  I am very thankful for my brother coming to help me yesterday though.  I think I talked his ear off, but maybe he will come back :)


  1. I would be crying too, goodness!

  2. Sweet friend, with all you've written here I think I would be crying too. You've got your hands full with no hubby to calm you. When does he come home? I am sorry about your sick goat, I wish I could help. Was Storey's guide not helpful? Or do you have other books on hand? Has it spread to the others? This is all madness! You poor thing! I think you need a good nap in your hammock...except that you might wake up to being nibbled by your furry escape artists.

    Love you! Praying!