Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday's Free Thoughts....

Oh, I am cracking myself up with the title there.

My brain is in mush mode.  We are coming off of four days of VBS and while wonderful and fun and sweet, it is also exhausting to this momma.  Every bit of structure that we have in our house (which some are scoffing at my wording of structure right now), has been thrown out the window.  We did manage to have clean clothes for the next day and supper each night.  So, that's something.  Everything else except for absolutely-needed animal care was tossed aside.

So, today my plan is to be home ALL DAY and not leave the house ONCE.  I've got bills to pay, and things to clean, and a little boy to read to, and meals to cook. 

Mark and the big boys are leaving Sunday afternoon for a week of Boy Scout Camp so I also have major laundry to do as they will be packing tomorrow. 

Oh, and I guess I need to make a list of the things to buy for their trip.

And Abbie's birthday is next week so we will celebrate Sunday morning before church so her dad can be there.  I guess I need to think about a cake or something.

And the garden needs hoeing. 

And at some point I need to sit down and plan out some things for next week. 

And I need to get back to being a Walking Wendy.

And we are sticking to the floor in some places in the kitchen.

Blah, blah, blah....

So, I guess I need to get up and get to moving.  Or maybe James and I could just cuddle on the couch and read a few more books together.  I mean,  that's important too, right????

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