Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Morning This & That....

~You know how you see these homesteading blogs and the women are out in their garden or barn and they are wearing long flowing skirts and have eggs gathered in their aprons?  And her hair is so neat and pretty, and she isn't sweating?  And her muck boots aren't covered in mud?  And a monsoon hasn't come?  And her husband and big boys aren't at summer Scout camp?  And the two male goats won't cooperate and walk through the monsoon to get put into the warm nice barn where they can actually be completely out of the rain?  And one stubborn old goat that weighs 150 lbs gets snippy and tries to bite you as you are pulling on his collar?  And the female goats are screaming because they have some sense and actually want to get out of the rain, but you can't move them until you move the males, because BAM!-you have goat babies made in a split second, and "WHY WON'T THE DUMB GOATS MOVE?????"  And she is soaking wet inside and out because of the rain and the humidity?  And then the gate latch thing her son constructed decides to not work only because it is pouring down rain and the female goats are jumping all up on her and trying to knock her down because they want in out of the rain so bad? 

Guess what I did between 4:00 and 5:00 pm yesterday during a monsoon?

~The man of the place and my big boys are gone all week. And the above was just the first afternoon.  Maybe all the things that could go wrong went wrong in one afternoon and it will be smooth sailing from her on out.  A MamaHen can hope, right?

~Other than wrestling the goats I have plans to visit Rebekah and her new sweeties, read some books, and read some books. If I have extra time I am going to read some more books.  We signed up for the Reading Program at the library and one of the children's prizes was a mustache necklace which apparently MUST BE HAD by Abbie and James is coveting the dinosaur fossil egg thing so we checked out lots of books and hopefully they will want to be reading this week also.  Routine house maintenance will be done, but other than that this MamaHen is on vacation.  As much as you can be on vacation while fixing the meals, and taking care of the animals, and carting children to piano practice, and carting little girls around as they spend the night with each other, and oh, I still haven't done those Heritage Girls forms, and oh, I still need to finalize my curriculum list, and oh well.  Seriously though, we are looking for it to be a much more relaxing week and I am so glad.

~So, what are your plans for this week?  Hopefully they don't involve a biting goat....

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  1. If my week involved a biting goat or scary chickens, you might have to check me in somewhere! Hope things settle down and you get some good reading in!