Sunday, June 23, 2013

This & That...

 Abbie-girl getting ready to go on her big trip this week.  Love this girl.
 Matt built a new gate for the goat fences.  He pretty much did it on his own start to finish.  Mark provided some direction, and Matt just ran with it. 

 Goats need lots of fencing.  Because they really like to get out of the fencing you already have.  Every new fence provides them with hours of entertainment and challenges.  And as my dad says, "They have absolutely nothing else to do but to figure out how to get out of that fence."  And he's right.

Blackberries from last night.  We would have had twice that many if Moose The Goat had not gotten out of the fence last week while I was at Rebekah's house.  I was gone for about six hours and they just had a field day eating our fruit.  And stomping in the garden.  And making themselves sick.  We still are having a good harvest of berries though and jam-making should commence next week. 

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  1. I'm sure Abbie's having a blast! And that Matt, he's just precious.