Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Link-A-Loos...

This morning I am heading out to get an MRI done on The Jaw.  It has been a long week of annoying pain and headaches and I am ready to begin getting this resolved.  As is everyone who is having to live with me as I start to get grumpy at night.  I will have to say, Mark has really taken care of me when he has been home and the children have been stepping up also. My mother-in-law carted me around to doctors and made me potato soup, which in and of itself is almost worth getting sick for, and my sweet mother is going above and beyond to help with James duty.  She is coming again this morning.  I honestly don't know how women make it without others to help them.  I so hope that I can be of help to others one day like they have been to me.  And I hope to be able to learn how to make potato soup like Betty's so I can actually have some when I am not sick.  I can make it, but its not nearly as good as hers.

I read this yesterday and I realized I needed to re-read it every morning, possibly every hour some days.  I don't catch myself doubting my salvation regularly, but as I read this list I realized I, and lots of other believers, have these thoughts at one time or another.  It's good to know I'm not alone, but its also good to know the KNOWING the Word is even better.  Everytime I have one of these thoughts I need to combat it with Truth.  And I have to know Truth first.  So thankful for His Word that doesn't change with my emotions and feelings of the day.-Thanks Tim Challis.

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