Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Very Unusual...

As a mom I get asked questions all the live long day.  I get the whole range from doctrine to "Where is my other shoe????!!!!". James age six, is currently pestering me about "how do the babies really get out of the mommy's tummy? ". In the past my canned response of, "God makes a special way" has been sufficient , but now he wants details.  And I know that once he thinks about it a little more he will be asking just how those babies get into the mommy's tummy to start with.

So, I keep putting him off and hoping he will forget all about it.  I think that's wishful thinking though.

And I've heard it all from others like,

Why do you have so many children? -yes, people have asked that, which is hilarious because in the circles I run in four is a small number.
Are they all yours?
Was the last one a surprise?
Do you have a tv in your bedroom?

And so far I have been able to answer graciously and try to give the impression that I feel blessed beyond measure to have these children in my life, because that is exactly how I feel.

But this morning I was asked a question which left be blind-sided and mute.

I went to the local grocery store to pick up a few things sans children (one of the wonderful benefits of having older children) and went about my shopping.

I entered the checkout lane of an employee who sees me there quite often and she asked where the children were. I told her they were at home and she wanted to know if they were still in the bed.  strange question, but I told her "No, they were at home doing chores."  She asked how old they were and if I homeschooled.  I started to feel a little uncomfortable with her line of questioning, but I have nothing to hide so I told her.

She then proceeds to ask me,

"If I thought my six year old was a late or an early bloomer."

Imagine MamaHen standing in line with her mouth hanging open absolutely speechless.

I looked at her like she was crazy, which she clearly was.


  1. Several years ago (our youngest was about 6), our girls wanted to know how babies got into mommy's tummy and how they got out. After explaining how they got out (in detail, c-section and all) their response was "gross" and they completely forgot about the "how did they get in there" part. ;-)

  2. Wish I would have been with you! I could have gone into detail about how advanced each of your children are.

  3. What?? What was she getting at? I'm so confused by this. And her.