Wednesday, August 7, 2013

This & That...

Still on the iPad and I cannot figure out how to do pictures from this tiny little thing, and I can't use up all my brain resources before 8 AM.  Hopefully I will have some left when Mark gets home so I can remember to ask him about it.

-It's exciting times here at Clark Acres.  Yesterday lots of machinery descended upon us and the installation of a new septic tank and field lines began.  Unfortunely a huge rainstorm stopped them from their work and now they will have to come back today.  We also have family coming with young children so it should be an interesting day as our back yard is all torn up.

-The Jaw is doing well.  Still gets achy at night, but maybe that is a sign I'm talking too much. :)

-Our garden is a bust this year.  Too much rain and not enough sun.  We are harvesting what we can, but what we are getting will not last a year.  I hope to get to a farmer's market this weekend so I can get some things in the freezer.

-Yesterday Matt told me was bored, but quickly followed up with "But not bored enough to have to clean something."  I think they have me figured out.

-Matt is watching an old  Star Trek episode.  He just looked at me and said, "Captain Kirk just doesn't need to allow any women at all on his ship."


  1. Hate that about garden. We have been blessed by some serious rain.

  2. Hi Mama Hen! So good to hear your jaw is getting better! So sorry you've had to go through that! And I totally understand the garden scenario! The rain has caused tremendous growth of weeds to the point I can't even get to the raised beds! And the bugs, ugh! Nectarines and peaches rotted on the limbs, but the apples seem to be doing ok! Figs are in abundance as I've made seven small jars of preserves this week. Hope you are able to get some right priced produced at the farmers market! And hopefully your backyard won't be such a mess when company comes! Take care! Blessings from Bama!

  3. Yuck, I have a fear of the inevitable septic tank problems. Ours is 25 years old, but we were on sewer systems it worries me. I know what ya mean about the Ipad. I love them for my kids, but I can't do a thing on them.
    So glad your jaw is better. Our summer has been crazy too, we have only done 20 days of school.