Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday This & That....

1.  I am at my capacity-for everything.  One more thing will have me spilling over into a puddle of tears and fatigue.  But, the kids are getting schooled, we are eating each day, we are wearing clothes each day, the Heritage Girl troop is still a troop, I have a date with my husband tomorrow night, and I hear the kids laughing more than fussing, so I am counting it all as good. 

2.  You know all those freezer meals I made over the summer to use when things were crazy hectic.  Note to self:  September and October count as the hectic season so don't use the freezer meals until then.  Here's hoping next week I can start doubling some recipes to freeze.  But I don't know, because, well, see #1.

3.  I had to take an online CPR/Basic First Aid class yesterday for Heritage Girls.  I go tomorrow to take the physical part of the test.  If you need CPR, have cardiac arrest, are choking, have hypothermia or heat stroke, I am your woman.  If you get a huge piece of glass that slices your arm almost in half or a construction accident takes off the front part of your shin, I am sorry, but you are on your own.  Choose your medical emergencies carefully if I am around.

4. Three out of my four children are currently or have been sick since last Friday.  It seems to be a quick fever-type virus that is over and done with the person it infects and then it moves to the next host.  It makes you feel bad just long enough to cancel your plans.  I predict it will hit child #4 today and then me tomorrow afternoon around 3:00 pm.  Because I have a date with the hubby at 5:00.

5.  I am a little upset because my oldest in not following in my literature-loving footsteps.  He has all these wonderful books to read for his World Literature curriculum and he is not appreciating them as he should.  First he said To Kill a Mockingbird wasn't that good, and then last night he said Murder on the Orient Express was the most boring thing he has ever read.  I was there when he was born so I know he is mine, but ya'll--What is happening?  And for the record I have no idea why he is reading Christie for World Literature.  I just follow the reading guide. 


  1. I hope you got your date!! And that things lighten up a bit. I feel your pain.

  2. I was at your #1 a few weeks ago. DH had 4 night shifts, then went to TN for a week. I don't sleep well without I was a zombie for over a week.
    I hope this week is better!
    I laughed at the 1st part of exactly do you do CPR online----then I read the rest.
    #5.. Ya know I have a college degree, and some graduate school, and I never read any of those books you mentioned **gasp**, so he will be fine.
    And yes, I am probably the only educated adult in the state of AL who has not read To Kill a Mockingbird---again, he will be fine.

  3. My oldest doesn't want to read either...sigh. Take it easy on yourself MamaHen, you're doing a great job:)

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