Friday, September 27, 2013

Dear Sweet LoraLee....

Some of  you may remember that I like to name my appliances.  I want to keep them happy and healthy, as they are my servant girls, and who wants to to have a mean uptight servant girl around the house all day long? I want my servant girls to enjoy life at the Chaos de Clark Casa and laugh and sprint around and say, "How may I serve you today Mistress Clark?" 

Well, LoraLee, the dear sweet dishwasher that has been serving my family has been in full blown rebellion for a couple of days now.  She has become picky and dare I say a little lazy.  Maybe even high maintenance.

Mark said there are three kinds of women:  Low maintenance, high maintenance, and bat-house crazy. 

Loralee has been on the high maintenance end for a week now.  I have three human dishwashers so its been okay, but I honestly spent an hour of my life the other day trying to convince LoraLee that all was right in her world and she really needed to work.  I have to say I know more about the inner workings of LoraLee than I have ever wanted to know.  To get her to work you had to get the exact amount of dishwasher liquid in the little cups, you had to turn the cups a certain way, (and she was very picky about this), and then you had to lock her up and turn her knob with your tongue held in just the right position, and then if everything else was lined up with the universe her little light would come on and she was start chugging away.  I resorted to prayer over LoraLee, but she held fast to her rebellion.

I decided LoraLee needed a break.  I gave her a week off because all girls need a vacation now and then.  I thought that Loralee just needed some downtime as she might be showing her age like her mistress and her turn-around time is slower.  Oh, she was as good as the song says, "As good once as she ever was", but recovery takes a lot longer these days. I have noticed myself that just one day out of my routine now takes at least two days to recover from. Loralee and I just needed a break, that's all.

The kids and I washed the dishes and as we weren't home more than two hours straight all week it really wasn't that much of an inconvenience. 

But this morning I decided to try her up again.  I talked sweetly to her.  I did everything just right. 

And I had a moment of joy when her little light came on. 

And then it went off just as fast.

And I decided that Loralee had indeed given up the ghost.  I am going to let her rest in peace now.

Because I sure don't need a bat-house crazy LoraLee dishwasher setting the house on fire. 

RIP LoraLee.

The kids will miss you as they have now been promoted to Top Dishwashers in the Clark Household.


  1. I think one of your appliances was named Alice. Which one was it?

    I'm sorry about LoraLee

  2. I get mixed up sometimes, but I think Alice is my oven. It is an in the wall oven like on Brady Brunch so I named it Alice. When things are good I usually just call them sweet little servant girls. I don't know, maybe they don't like that. :)

  3. It may be time to start calling the ma'am

  4. She gave you a lot of good years...

  5. Hey Wendy, I just randomly found your blog thru GraspingwithObjectivity! Yea! I'm so excited! A new blog to follow! Sorry to hear about your dishwasher, and I might have to steal your husband's "bat-house crazy" line. That made me laugh. :) Small world!

    Leigh McKibben